Books Over Brunch The Subplot. October 10th 11am. Theatre Freechoice.

Theatre : Freechoice – Choose any play and tells us about it at the next event.

2 thoughts on “Books Over Brunch The Subplot. October 10th 11am. Theatre Freechoice.”

  1. It was interesting to discuss plays for a change, and we had a good variety to talk about, from a Harold Pinter to a very new play which hasn’t been staged yet. And a lovely brunch at Smoothbean as ever!

  2. Great contributions from everyone at this event which ranged from theatre play reviews, personal stories and observations, debates involving theatre production, great insights about the star players and plenty more. We had excellent reviews for “Clichés” by Angela Dandy, “The Mirror and the Light” by Hilary Mantel, Realidad (The Reality), by Denise Despeyroux and “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter. I read my play (The Birthday Party) but when I watched it on YouTube suddenly the characters were fleshed out and 3 dimensional. The acting gave life to the scene and characters that could not be gleaned from just reading. It made me appreciate theatre as an art form and how important it is.

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