Books Over Brunch : Sunday, August 29th.11am. Adele by Leila Slimani.

An erotic and daring story – with electrically clear writing – this masterclass in wire-taut literary terror from the author of the chilling Lullaby will captivate readers with its exploration of addiction, sexuality, and one woman’s quest to feel alive.

A respected journalist, she lives in a flawless Parisian apartment with her surgeon husband and their young son. But beneath the veneer of ‘having it all’, she is bored – and consumed by an insatiable need for sex, whatever the cost.

1 thought on “Books Over Brunch : Sunday, August 29th.11am. Adele by Leila Slimani.”

  1. This is a book about Adele who suffers from an undiagnosed sex addiction. I liked Leila Slimani’s style of writing, it was explicit and simple to read. I finished the book feeling sorry for Adele who did not have the emotional resources to be able to communicate her needs to her husband or society. In addition to this she struggled to look after her child.
    I would recommend reading this book, if you want to learn more about how beauty and sex is used to fulfil an unmet need.

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