Books over Brunch the Subplot. Sun 8th Nov 2020.

A creative place where people who love words come together and explore their love of literature in all its forms. The group decides on a fortnightly basis where that exploration will lead!  This week we’ll talk about Brighton Rock, Graham Greene.

Brighton Rock is a novel by Graham Greene, published in 1938 and later adapted for film in 1947 and 2010. The novel is a murder thriller set in 1930sBrighton. The title refers to a confectionery traditionally sold at seaside resorts, which in the novel is used as a metaphor for the personality of Pinkie, which is the same all the way through. There are links between this novel and Greene’s earlier novel A Gun for Sale (1936), because Raven’s murder of the gang boss Kite, mentioned in A Gun For Sale, allows Pinkie to take over his gang and thus sets the events of Brighton Rock in motion.

This is an online event.